37. Conclusion – Professional identity

This professional identity blog has been a great stepping stone to really take note of all the work I am actually doing and also how I am developing and becoming more confident as a photographer.

I still feel there are loads of things to learn and develop and because of this it means that I won’t stop attending courses/seminars/entering competitions and learning new skills.

I actually feel like I have more work than I initially expected when I started the degree and I haven’t really plugged my website or promoted myself at all, except for basic work on Facebook.

The more weddings I take on gives me the chance to work quick, in the heat of the moment and technically correct. It continues to be a fantastic platform for enhancing my confidence in often challenging situations. I will continue to work on the weddings initially as they are a good source of income, exposure for work, confidence boost as well as technically developing my skills and style.

I am not saying that everything in this blog is how I will keep it, as my journey continues I will probably change websites and possible cards again as my style develops and as I work on other projects.

I think photography is a challenging career choice, it is constantly changing as new people come into the industry. I’d like to challenge convention and push barriers with future work more than I have to date. This will come as my confidence develops.

It is all about networking, getting to know your peers and working in environments you wouldn’t always choose. It is the only way to learn and only way to develop as a photographer.

I look forward to the journey continuing…




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