35. Business Cards for Personal Work

I’m not a huge fan of business cards but they do serve a purpose. I find them slightly old fashioned but people seem to still really like them.

I have some basic business cards I had done in 2016 for my wedding photography and whilst I now have a logo I will wait until they have all run out as I ordered quite a few. They are great to give out to people at the weddings and I have always been asked for my business card or details when I have done the weddings.


For my degree show and for clients for potential work following degree I wanted some better quality cards that were simplistic, stylish but also eye-catching. I sent off to …… for sample packs.

These were great for looking at the grades and weights of paper that can be used and certainly something I will refer back to when I need more cards – however they were extremely expensive.


I settled with a no frills cards from Vista that had slightly spot glass writing on. I wanted one of my photos on the back but wasn’t happy to put a portrait of someone as it didn’t seem right. After much deliberation I decided that all my work is based on me looking – looking with my eyes and looking into others eyes.

My children have featured prominently in my work and it was them and my love for photographing them that got me into this degree. I take great inspiration from them.

It seemed quite fitting to take pictures of their eyes for the back of my cards.


use3 use use2

I am pleased with the final outcome. Simple and yet eye-catching  – literally!


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